Habitation Larin

Your home as you imagined 

With our storefront on route 138 in Port Cartier, the company consists of a team of people established on the North Shore for three generations.  Our policy, Offering a quality product at a good price.

Beauty, choice and quality work: discover the amazing options of a mobile home or modular home. Have you always dreamed of building a house, let us help you with our trusted manufacturer. Kent Homes are built from a long tradition and a modern approach to a sustainable lifestyle.

By choosing Kent Homes, you are already choosing green.  We are an environmentally friendly manufacturer offering healthier and more eco-efficient homes.  Build in a controlled environment generates less waste, reduces and recycles materials and protect against moisture and mildew under construction.  Our high building standards guarantee the tightness of your home, as well as its eco-efficiency and comfort.

Habitation Larin

Mary Ann Bourassa

41-A, Route 138
Port-Cartier, Quebec
G5B 2J2

Tel: 1-418-766-2233
Cell: 1-418-964-6540
Fax: 1-418-766-2266

Email: habitationlarin@globetrotter.net
Website: www.habitationlarin.com

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